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Q: (from Matt)

A client is asking about Microsoft Search Server Express and it’s something I’m not too familiar with.  I’ve done a little bit of research but it looks like this product is designed for mid-large companies (total data at the client doesn’t exceed 300gb).  They mentioned that the Express version was free, but I’m also not seeing anything that backs up this claim.



I wasn’t too familiar with this product either, but a quick Bing search took me to the Search Server Express home page:

I view this as a gateway technology to introduce enterprise SharePoint Search technology into any sized organization. I love the Related Search feature, the support for 31 file types, and 51 languages.

It’s definitely free and appears to be limited by the number of indexed items:

But just because the search engine is “free” doesn’t mean the full implementation is free. Windows Server, IIS, and SQL server are still necessary components.


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