Are you joining us in Toronto, Canada for WPC 2012 July 8-12

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The 2012 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is the partner event of the year—a unique event that will bring partners from the U.S. and around the globe together. Here are the top 10 reasons to attend:  Register now at Digital WPC



Why Attend WPC 2012?

Meet and network with other partners and with Microsoft

Hear the product and technology roadmap from Microsoft WW and U.S. leaders

Learn about Microsoft priorities for the partner business in our new fiscal year (Microsoft’s FY13 starts July 2012)

Get guidance to win with your Microsoft-based solutions against competitors

Be among the first to know about the latest opportunities and incentives
Activities for U.S. Partners
Details about these activities will be published on the U.S. WPC Community page at

U.S. Lounge

U.S. Party on Tuesday, July 10th

U.S. Track on Thursday, July 12th – Join us for the SMB Track

U.S. Networking






Register today and start preparing for your travel arrangementsearly, taking into consideration any visa or passport needs.



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