Use Windows Intune to Help Deploy Office Pro Plus to your Office 365 Customers!


J.J. Antequino


So your customer has purchased an Office 365 offering that includes Office 2010 Pro Plus…. They now have access to the the best Microsoft Office suite available in the market today!  What’s great about the version of Office Pro Plus found in Office 365 is that each assigned user (that has rights to Office Pro Plus) can install it on on up to FIVE devices!

As a Microsoft Partner, you want the deployment of that copy of Office Pro Plus to be as pain-free for your customer as possible.


The problem that we typically run into in the SMB space is that many times, the desktops we would like to install Office on are not properly managed.

There are a number of great MSP Remote Management tools available, but here is an example of where Windows Intune makes a lot of sense.

As you take a look at your existing SMB customer base, I’m sure that you will see that many of your customers are still running Windows XP Pro and Office 2003.  You want to get them current.

If you sell them licenses to Windows Intune and Office 365 (E3), those customers are eligible to run Windows 7 ENTERPRISE as well as Office 2010 Pro Plus….  and when Windows 8 and the next version of Office arrive, they get to run those too!


So back to our original dilemma….. now that you’ve sold your customer Windows Intune and Office 365 (E3), how do you deploy Office Pro Plus?

Well the good news is that some bright partners have figured out a way that works for them…. and may work for you as well!

Kib Bibens over at New Signature put together this very insightful post:

Installing Office 2010 Bundled with Office 365 via Windows Intune

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