Have you checked out the Windows Server “8” Beta bits yet?

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Rob Waggoner



Here’s the default page for the Windows Server “8” Beta:



The download location for the Windows Server “8” bits is located here:


I’ve installed the Beta of Windows Server “8” Datacenter on two of my servers and I’m just starting to give it a hard look.  So far it looks pretty exciting, especially for our SMB customers.  One thing that got my attention is the Hyper-V Replica.  I’ve gave this a quick look and what I’ve seen looks really good.  One of the things I always look for when I take a look at a new product is the documentation and “What should I look for”?  I found this documentation on Windows 8 and wanted to make sure you saw it too.


As far as documentation, check out

Windows Server “8” Beta Understand and Troubleshoot Guides



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