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Woody Walton


There are many posts on this blog about how to transact Office 365, software advisor fees, and the general benefits and opportunity represented in Microsoft’s Online Services.  The impetus of this post however, has its roots in a question I have answered several times in email, in person, and most recently today over the phone with a partner who had attended a webcast on demonstrating Office 365, but was having trouble with quoting and selling the product.  The partner features enabled through the Cloud Essentials Pack (info below) do just that; they help you send “Trial offers” and “Purchase Offers”  (quotes) to customers.

The process is a little awkward and throws many partners for a loop.  So below I will discuss precisely how to get the partner features enabled.

It is no surprise to many of you, due to the fact we have a wealth of programs and resources to navigate at Microsoft, and that they all seem to be connected somehow to that Live ID you have associated with your Partner network (MPN) membership, that at times you have trouble sorting stuff out.  The stories I could tell if I had enough time! Winking smile

This particular issue has to do with the Cloud Essentials pack, which can be enrolled in at  I highly encourage this because it alleviates perhaps the hardest part of selling Office 365, Associating oneself as partner of record (POR) on a customer sales and ensuring you get paid.  If you have just begun your Office 365 journey I would point out another resource for you. 

WWW.QUICKSTARTONLINESERVICES.COM   -includes a wealth of partner resources around, sales, technical, and programmatic information for Office 365 and Windows Intune.

If you know these two URLs you can handle most things, couple that with the latest service descriptions for Office 365 and you are set!

Oh, wait!   If you could only enable those partner features in Office 365.

The Process:

When you first visit the website you are greeted with the below page.


Your eye is immediately drawn to the “Get Cloud Essentials or Cloud Accelerate” box on the right where the “sign in now” button is located.  If you have not signed in using the LIVE ID associated with your MPN membership do so.  You can see in the graphic above I have already logged in as my partner info is located in the top right.

Next click the “Get Started” tab and select a business track to qualify and follow all the steps until you are complete.  This page will direct you to training, an assessment and the signing of your MOSPA (Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement) which allows you to transact Office 365 and other online services.   Most of you have done this already, but I did not want to leave any steps out.  You can see below that I am now enrolled.


Now the Gotcha!

This is a step that confounds many partners.  Select the “Get Benefits” tab.  You will see a page like this:


For this example we are concerned with the second scenario listed under Office 365 as this is routinely where partners get stalled.  We will assume that I already have an Office 365 subscription that I want to ‘map” my partner benefits to.

Select “Get Started”.  A “get benefits” dialogue now appears. note the information about BPOS subscribers.


Click “Continue” if appropriate.  Immediately upon clicking continue the browser redirects you to the screen below while your request is validated:


and then you are directed to the below login dialogue.  This where some partners get hung up, especially if it has been some time since they have subscribed to Office 365.

o365 signin

This page is NOT asking for the LIVE ID you use for your MPN membership.  This page is asking for the Microsoft Online Services ID that was created when your subscribed to Office 365.  You may also another sign-in ID that you created from within the Office 365 admin console that has administrative privileges.  Don’t not be fooled.  If you cannot remember your credentials you have a a couple of quick ways to find them.

1.)  When you signed up for Office 365 you selected a subdomain of so you may recall something like “   If so use that, or search your email archives for “” and you are good to go.

2.) Another option is to search for “Microsoft Office 365 Team”, as that is the address that send you initial account information.


Once you sign in you should have the partner features enabled.  This is evident by the addition of the “partner” tab or option at the top of the screen.


Now whenever you go to and log in you should see the partner tab.  From there you can send trial offers and purchase offers (quotes) to your customers insuring you are referenced as the partner of record should they purchase!


Below are some shots of the purchase offer process. Sweet! …and much easier than before!







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  1. Daree says:

    I have gone through the steps… but I do not see the Get Benefits tab???  Have I done something wrong?

  2. irsan says:

    I think the information in this page is not valid anymore, could you please update with the valid websites ? there's new interface for this, however it's hard to find the menu to active the beneefits

  3. LarryKluger says:

    I'm also stuck–the pages shown above no longer exist. I'm in the Cloud Essentials program but how do you access the internal use benefit with Office365???

  4. Anonymous says:

    Partners, Fantastic news for you Office 365 sellers that leverage the Partner Portal to provide additional

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