SharePoint External User Licensing

Q: (from Beth)

A customer is looking at a SharePoint deployment. They will have 10 internal users, all requiring enterprise CALs. They will also have 150 external users (customers). They have a set number of external users and their site will not be public facing beyond those 150 users. Can they purchase 150 CALs instead of the Internet Sites license or is the Internet Sites license needed for anyone doing an external facing SharePoint site? It would save them almost $14K if they could just buy the CALs and not the Internet Sites license.



As long as they don’t mind managing the 150 external users, they can use CALs for each one.



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  1. ScrumSmart says:


    How does it work any licensing when we are offering access to external users but we are only deploying sharepoint foundation 2013 services?

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