External Partner Access to Office 365 Team Sites

Q: (from Stephen)

… If the customer had office 365 could he set up users to only access the folders they are allowed to on the Sharepoint Team site?

Q: (from Luis – July 2013)

I received a question from a partner asking about the Office 365 E3 plan PAL allowance.  He’s under the impression that he would receive 10,000 PALs under the E3 plan.  Is this true?  If not, what’s the PAL count for E3?



A: (with help from Todd Sweetser)

The last time I checked the number was 50 – but that is OLD information. The partner is correct: for the E plans and SharePoint Online the count is 10,000. For the Small Business plans the count is 500.

Here is an article Todd provided:



My understanding is that all Office 365 plans (P &E) are granted 50 Partner Access Licenses (PALs) to be assigned to outside users via their LiveID email a

ddress. Only the Office 365 E plans allow you to add more (up to 1000) and are billed at the rate of $2.50 per block of 50.


From our Small Business & Professional Service Description:


I opened the posted document, Microsoft Office 365 (Plan P1) Service Description-October.docx, looked for “external”, and found:

Appendix B: SharePoint Online Detailed Feature Summary

Limited to 50 external users/month


From our Enterprise Service Descriptions:


I went to the Microsoft SharePoint Online for Enterprises Service Description.docx, where I searched for the keyword “PAL” and found:

50 PALs are included per tenant. Current “Feature Preview” allows for usage rights of up to 1000 external users without requiring additional PALs. Microsoft reserves the right to charge for additional PALs beyond 50 at the time the next major Office 365 update


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