Live Business Model Transformation Workshop Roadshow

Last month I wrote about the refreshed recordings of the BMT (Updated Business Model Transformation Training for Office 365) – this month I’m pleased to report that the live workshop series is back as a roadshow for Small and Medium Business (SMB) and Corporate Account (CA) partners:

Business Model Transformation Workshop

Adding a cloud practice to your business requires much more planning than adding a product or service. It is a journey that will impact many areas of your traditional operations, as well as the priorities of the leaders responsible for them. It will encompass new thinking by your leadership team beginning with the company value proposition to your customers. It will also impact how you deliver that value proposition in your services delivery, sales, and marketing operations.

The Business Model Transformation Workshop is a one-day workshop designed specifically for senior management teams of Microsoft partners who want to understand how to design a cloud practice to deliver expected profit, and how to chart a path to guide your company through the transition.

Major topics covered in this workshop are:

  • The impact Cloud based offerings will have on existing partner business models
  • Aligning your business value proposition with the new Cloud paradigm
  • Creating a financial pro forma plan that quantifies the potential cloud opportunities based on your competencies
  • Incorporating new customer expectations and buying behaviors into your marketing and sales strategy and execution model
  • Creating an action plan for change that aligns your organization around the value proposition of Cloud Services

If you are interested in understanding the economic and business model implications of operating a cloud based practice, the Business Model Transformation is the ideal starting point.

Who should attend: Partner CEO, Sales Leader, Services Delivery Leader

SMB Partners Register Here: registration link

Date City


New York, NY


Irvine, CA


Columbus, OH


Edina, MN


Alpharetta, GA


San Francisco, CA


Bellevue, WA


Chicago, IL


Houston, TX


Waltham, MA

If you are with a Corporate Account, here is the Registration Link for the workshops tailored to your business.


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