Hosting a Cloud Event? You could get free Money from Microsoft!

Q: (from Sara)

We’ve been a Microsoft cloud partner for a few months now and are making plans for the new year. One of our proposed activities is to host a meeting with some of our existing customers and potential customers to discuss their options in the cloud. How can I get Microsoft to help?



Past TS2 blog posts have focused on core resources like marketing material through Ready-to-Go:

ELEVEN NEW Ready-To-Go Marketing Campaigns!

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and Demo resources:

Office 365 Demo Provisioning Toolkit

clip_image002But today I would like to direct your focus to a promotion that started in November 2011 and continues through June 29th, 2012. You must be a member of the Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement (MOSPA) but not a member of the Microsoft Cloud Champions Club. If you have closed three Microsoft Cloud deals with three different customers since January 1st, 2011 through June 29th, 2012, you might be eligible for up to $500 in market development funds (MDF) for a future marketing event. “Yes”, that’s right, this covers retroactive sales back to January 1st, 2011! You need to read through the linked PDF and email to verify your eligibility. But do so quick; this promotion is first come, first serve while funding lasts.


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