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Looking for a great way to really demo Office 365 for your customers, have you heard about the “Demo Provisioning Toolkit for Office 365” yet?  With the Provisioning Tool, you create a “Live” tenant in the Office 365 environment, then using the tool, it populates user data for you to utilize to show your customers. 

Objective: This business productivity scenario is designed to let customers experience the entire Microsoft Office 365 productivity platform in the context of a typical business situation at a fictitious company, Contoso.  

Summary:  The activities in this story represent a day in the life of the characters at work during a busy period.  Karen along with her fellow Contoso employees will be keeping up with email, responding to a sales request and finding people and information in order to effectively analyze data.  Simultaneously, she will be communicating and collaborating with co-workers on a sales proposal before creating a presentation and taking their work on the road.

Sales Consideration: All sections and topics need to be tied to the end-to-end business Microsoft productivity solution. The focus is not on technology but on the functionality that can improve communication, collaboration, and efficiencies in an organization, and therefore save the company time and money.

  • Quickly create an Office 365 trial tenant with demonstration data
  • Auto-Provisioning of Users, Email, Calendar, SharePoint Sites, Lync Profiles, Customization.
  • 90 Minutes+ of fully guided demonstration content and script broken out into easy to consume scenarios of productivity.
  • Technical setup and configuration documentation
  • Deliver rich demonstrations to your customers across all of the Office 365 products and services.
  • Accelerate the sales process by giving your customers an Office 365 experience focusing on the future of productivity.





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Comments (5)
  1. BrianProShare says:

    Saw the webcast great work.

    Now I try to setup the Demo for my self, but I'm getting a error.

    14:54 08-02-2012  :System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.

      at e.a(Office365Authentication A_0, ClientContext A_1, String A_2, XmlDocument A_3)

      at Microsoft.Mso.SPOProvisioning.c(Office365Authentication A_0, ClientContext A_1)

      at Microsoft.Mso.SPOProvisioning.DeployPackage()

      at AutomatedProvisioningOffice365.Provisioning.SPProvisioingUtility.RunSiteWriter()

      at AutomatedProvisioningOffice365.Office365DemoProvisioning.RunSPProvisioning()

    Any clues what to look for?


  2. BrianProShare says:

    New build fix the above error. Great work

  3. says:

    Install jamming up on "provisioning users". The install keeps hanging on provisioning users (danj to be specific, on several different attempted setups).

    Is there a known issue?

  4. Sean Worthington says:

    I am having this issue as well.

    "Theo Callahan   19 Feb 2012 11:58 AM

    Install jamming up on "provisioning users". The install keeps hanging on provisioning users (danj to be specific, on several different attempted setups).

    Is there a known issue? "

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