Looking for Office 365 customer training materials

Q: (from Tom)

We are looking to deliver end user training around Office 365 and would like to know if Microsoft has published materials we could evaluate?



From a June 30th, 2011 email announcement by Don Roessler (Partner Learning) relayed by John Kohl (Partner Business Development Manger):

Introducing the Microsoft Office 365 End User Training Toolkit for Partners

clip_image001Microsoft Office 365 End User Training Toolkit for Partners is a complete package of prepared trainings designed to help grow your business by adding a potential revenue stream and by increasing value on each Office 365 sale.

The training is intended for you to deliver to customers to help you achieve maximum customer ROI resulting in potentially higher satisfaction.

Download this complementary toolkit to take advantage of:

  • Materials and courseware to enable you to deliver the class to your customers.
  • Product demos, presentations, videos, and study guides for both students and instructors.
  • Customizable, professionally-designed marketing templates.

Visit the Microsoft Partner Network today to download the materials and start planning your classes!  You’ll be on your way to providing professional training that will truly enhance your customer's use of Office 365 and satisfaction with their implementation.  You can also download directly from the Partner Learning Center.


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