Are your BPOS customers ready to transition to Office 365? Are you?


J.J. Antequino


We encourage you to check out the Microsoft Online Services Transition Center

You will find a number of whitepapers, videos, and guides to help make sure your customers experience a smooth transition from BPOS to Office 365.

The page is split into two video sections:

  1. “I need to prepare for transition”
    • Admins: Prepare
    • Users: Prepare
    • Features and Benefits
    • Get Help
  2. “I have started the transition process”
    • Admins: During Transition
    • Users: During Transition
    • Get Help

In addition to these videos there are links to the transition forums and blogs.

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  1. We've written a portal to assist says:

    Hi All

    We've written a portal to assist with this transition. It will give you exact, specific and step by step guidance and we'd love you to check it out.

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