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Woody Walton 2010

Woody Walton


First of all I want to personally thank again all those partners that took valuable time out of their day to attend the VAR summits in Detroit and Minneapolis this week.  I hope you learned a lot, and know that I always learn a lot from you.

At times during the presentation I stepped outside the boundaries of the core slide deck and would explore certain web based resources with you.  Below I have consolidated those resources for you.  In addition, I have included the link to where the slide presentation will be posted.  You should expect the VAR Summit presentation to be posted next week sometime.


VAR Summit Presentation Link (to be posted next week)

https://partner.microsoft.com/US/40013533 …look under the “Recommendations for Partners in the Central Region” heading for the presentation

Partner Opportunity with Lync Section Resources

Lync Devices.  A summary of the types of available devices (handsets, headsets, speaker phones, conferencing, etc) and those that are certified for Lync Server 2010.

Lync Planning Tools and the Topology Builder  A great way to get prescriptive guidance to get you started with planning customer topologies.

Lync Server Tech Center A destination for technical resources, tools, and expert guidance to ease the deployment and management of a customer’s Lync infrastructure

Due to the Questions that came up in Detroit around the different Lync Server Roles that I mentioned verbally, I included this slide in the Minneapolis presentation:  It is just a nice visual to understand how Lync is deployed (dated, but thorough enough):


Lync Licensing.  We had a lot of questions as a result of the “Lync Deal” chalk board slide.  The Big Easy offer details can be found here.

Forrester Total Economic Impact Whitepaper is a great Sales resource.


Datacenter and Virtualization Section Resources

I mentioned some of the intended future capabilities of our virtualization and management stack. For more info tale a look at these resources:

BUILD Conference highlights

Windows Server 8: The Ultimate Cloud OS? A great ZDNet article by Jason Perlow that is a must read.

Although not too applicable to the SMB space, here is a post on the System Center “Concero” product I mentioned in Minneapolis.

Microsoft’s Private Cloud (virtualization and Management landing page)


Microsoft Online Services Section Resources

Enroll in the Cloud Essentials Pack at www.microsoftcloudpartner.com to get access to your internal use rights for Office 365 AND quote and trial Office 365.

Great resources on www.quickstartonlineservices.com



I’ll update this post as I think of more items.  Thanks and have a selling season this fall!!




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