Are you getting up to 25% back on your Open Value deals?


J.J. Antequino


Please say yes Smile 

If you’ve been a partner for a while, may be familiar with the VAR Rebate program….. but there are some changes and requirements that we have to go over.

If you’re fairly new to the Microsoft Partner Network, here’s a rebate program that may make your membership even sweeter!

Through December 31, 2011, Microsoft is offering Rebates of up to 25% of Estimated Retail Price (ERP) on Open Value deals containing the following products:


There has to be a catch, right?

There are a couple Smile

First of all, in order to be eligible for this round of the VAR Rebate, you must be enrolled in the Top VAR program.

If you aren’t sure of your status in the Top VAR program, please review the program eligibility requirements [HERE].

Secondly, you have to register for the Top VAR Rebate by registering at

All of the Top VAR Rebate program information can be found [HERE].

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