Update on the partner dashboard: Office 365 Quotes & Subscriptions are being displayed!



Woody Walton


This MUCH anticipated is live now in the partner dashboard; It is of paramount importance that you log in and look at these new pivots today!  You can see sales related information on Office 365 purchase offers, quotes, trials, paid subscriptions, trial conversions, and ultimately WHAT YOU WILL GET PAID on these sales!  Outstanding and ahead of the anticipated September release (ever so slightly)!

This has been a bone of contention with partners since the June 28th general availability of Office 365.  In addition to what I mentioned above, which basically mimics the BPOS capabilities of the dashboard, but related to Office 365 we have added other features partners will find useful.  A brief summary is below:

We have added BPOS to Office 365 migration status indication via an O365 status icon in the status bar.  See the graphic below.


This filter allows the partner to display all BPOS subscriptions that have been migrated to O365. This status icon will be removed when BPOS migrations are complete.

You can use this indicator to coordinate customer visits and attention around the migration initiatives at hand.  a great addition by all accounts.

We also show a new “linked subscription” column in the Customer Detail screen which tells the partner the two subscriptions involved in the migration (initial BPOS and subsequent O365 subscription IDs).  Pretty cool IMHO!

I look forward to more rigor in extending the capabilities to make it even more useful to partners.  …now if we could only quote all online services offering from there! Winking smile




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