Office 365 P1–What can you and more importantly can’t you do.


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I was looking for a comprehensive comparison between the P1 and Enterprise Sku’s (E1-E4).  As I searched I found several conversations and posts about what can you and can’t you do.  I found a good FAQ out on the Office 365 site -  I also found our Plan Overview information -, but as I continued to search, there seemed to be a lot of questions in forums.  I ran across this resource at  It is a great post and gives a good comparison of what you can expect with the P1.  Brett, the author, has even updated it to reflect some recent changes.  He is currently on Version 1D updates 08/23/2011.  Check out his post at:

Here is a snipit of his information, please go to the article for more details:

P1 Plan Features

The P1 plan costs $6 per month per user with a minimum of 1 user – an excellent value.

The services are delivered from the same platform and data centers as the E plans and include Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Lync Online.

Important features available in both the P1 and E plans include:

  • 25GB mailbox
  • Invitations for 50 external users to SharePoint Online
  • Invitations for 250 users to a Lync Online meeting or webinar with voice and video
  • Public Web Site
  • Virus and Spam scanning
  • Outstanding feature set with Exchange Online capabilities including mail tips, personal archive, distribution lists, conference rooms scheduling, shared calendars, contacts and more.
  • Web access to mail (Outlook Web Apps) and documents (SharePoint Online)
  • Sync email to mobile device
  • Document versioning, check in/check out with SharePoint Online
  • Instant Messaging
  • Voice and video between Lync Online users
  • Much more

In fact, the P1 Plan includes hundreds of features, all for less than the cost of a movie ticket.

P1 Plan Limitations

Of course, for the price, limitations are to be expected. What follows is a list of differences between the P1 and E Plans, compiled from multiple sources.

  • Phone / Ticketed Support Not Included
  • Capacity Limited to 50 Users

  • Unable to Upgrade from P1 to E Plan
  • One SharePoint Site Collection
  • Cannot Buy Additional SharePoint Storage

  • Directory Synchronization is Not Allowed
  • Federation (Single Sign On) is Not Supported
  • Custom Domain Validation Requires Microsoft Name Servers

  • SSL Not Available with SharePoint
  • User accounts set to never expire.
  • Roles not available in the Office 365 Portal or Exchange Online
  • Lync 2010 cannot communicate with MSN Messenger (temporary)


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