Can I quote Office 365 E1, E2, or E3 in the same quote???



Woody Walton


I have received various flavors of this question in the past month.   Mainly, this comes up when  we think too much about what the different plans offer.  “The Office 365 E3 plan allows for unlimited email archive, but the E1 and E2 plan do not therefore how can one combine them?” …sound familiar?  If so, the only thing you need to do is to “activate” your partner benefits on to find out.  Once you do, you will have all the quoting capabilities available to you through the “partner” tab on the Office 365 portal.


You will notice in the frame above I can mix and much the Office 365 E Plans at leisure.  In fact, that is the beauty of it.  …If I have subsets of users within a customer with different needs apart from say the VERY distinct needs of a warehouse worker versus a marketing manager which would be handled with “K” Plan versus E plans, I can get even more granular by offering different E plan to different information workers within the same organization.  …Perhaps your customer already owns 5 copies of Office 2010.  It may not make sense for all users to have an E3 plan for instance.  The name of the game here is pick what you need.  It may be a good idea to standardize in the future, but remember all the options.  bottom lineis we can accommodate almost any permutation.

NOTE:  One thing you CANNOT combine is a “P” plan (Small Business) with “E” plans. (it is grayed out in the screenshot above).

To find out more about the Office 365 plans, please check here.





Comments (2)

  1. Huzefa Rasheed says:

    Hi…i Have a question, If I have 5 Employees in my company and I buy 1 E3 plan and 4 E1 plans and use the 5 office pro-plus from my e3 plans on all of my 5 workstation for my 5 employees. Is that ok in terms of licensing? Pls advice .Thanks

  2. Super Graham says:

    @Huzefa – no, that’s not OK.

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