VARVID TV at WPC Los Angeles


Bryan Von Axelson 2010

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WPC has come and gone, hopefully you were able to attend, if not check out

However I wanted to bring attention to another couple of broadcasts coming from WPC, provided by VARVID.  What is cool about these webcasts, was the ability to put a panel together of not only Microsofties’, but also hear the voice of the Partner as we had several VAR’s included in the roundtable conversations.

Here is a link to the On-demand streaming of VARVID @ WPC.

Thank you to VARVID for the opportunity to participate in Day 3 as we talked about the evolution of Cloud Computing.  It was a blast, not only to talk about the cloud and what Microsoft is doing, but also to hear from our partners about how they are having cloud conversations with their customers.  Make sure you check out Day 3 – Cloud Conversation.



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