Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 6.0 Now Available


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Rob Waggoner


I’ve used the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) throughout the years and like a fine wine, it continues to get better with age.  Our version 6.0 was just released.  You can download the bits and documentation here.  Here are a few of the high points:

This new version of the Microsoft® Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit provides agentless discovery, inventory and assessment for a variety of scenarios, including:

  • Windows Azure Migration Assessment improvements.

  • Assessments for compatibility with Office 365 or Windows Internet Explorer 9.

  • Oracle Schema discovery for migration to Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track option in the server consolidation assessment.


What is your cloud plan?  The MAP tool can help with your planning and execution.  MAP contains all of the intelligence around virtualization as well as helping to address your plans around the Cloud and Windows Azure.  It can also Identify migration opportunities with heterogeneous server environment inventory. MAP has expanded its heterogeneous server environment inventory to include VMware Server, vSphere and VMware vCenter. Inventory and reporting of the number of servers and guests deployed and managed by VMware infrastructure helps organizations identify migration opportunities and accelerates the migration planning process. Because SQL Server, SharePoint and Exchange run better on Hyper-V, MAP 6.0 has the added capability of identifying Microsoft workloads deployed on VMware guests.

With all of this new functionality, of course MAP can still help you identify physical server workloads that are good candidates for physical to virtual migration.

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