Spam Filtering in Office 365

Q: (from Mike)

I attended your session in Manhattan a couple weeks back.  First of all, thank you for the session- as someone who is just getting started in the business I learned quite a bit.

I work with an IT management firm and part of what we do is set up our customers with various email services.  An existing customer has Google Postini for 800+ mailboxes and is looking to add email message encryption for 100 of those boxes.  As they were already on Postini we tried to set up a trial on Google Message Encryption however have been very dissatisfied with the service from Google.  I would like to suggest to them an alternative for not only the Message Encryption but possibly to replace Postini as well.

So here are my questions:

  1. Would 365 (or BPOS for now) be a good option for message encryption and can this be used with Google’s Postini or would they have to switch everything over to Microsoft?
  2. What Microsoft alternative to Postini would be best for this scenario?



This is a much easier question to answer now that Office 365 has been officially released. You are looking for two services offered by Microsoft:

· Forefront Online Protection for Exchange

· Exchange Hosted Encryption

But don’t let the “Exchange” name fool you, these services can be tied into any email stream – on premise or in the Cloud.

Office 365 includes Exchange Online for message delivery and includes the online protection as part of the service (no Postini required). The Exchange Hosted Encryption would still need to be acquired separately. I would suggest using the links above and signing up for trials of the various services to see if the total experience exceeds the customer needs.


SDeming Face Steve


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