Can Access 2010 work with SharePoint in the Cloud?

Q: (from Linda)

Please let me know how I can try out a version of MS Access 2010  linking to SharePoint cloud.

What I would like to do is find a SharePoint server that I could use for testing?

I have clients who would be very interested in doing this.



I knew I had seen this this document, it just took a few tries for me to find it again.

You can sign up for an Office 365 Trial account – 30 days for free @

Let me know how it works out.


SDeming Face Steve


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  1. Brenda says:

    Steve, I hope you can offer some tips, as I have had nothing but grief with trying to use the trial version of Office 365.  I was "told" via IM with Microsoft that that SharePoint Option2 would work best for me, as I have an Access database that I want to allow multiple users at different locations to acss and enter data that will be saved.  That version has no trial period, and requires a 1-year commitment – I'm not keen on purchasing something for a year that I don't find works for me.  I was told that the Office 365 trial version includes that version of SharePoint.

    So I signed up for the Office 365 trial, when all I needed was that version of SharePoint to try out.  When I try to go to the sharepoint function, I get an error message that says that my user name can't be found in the directory.  It says "Partner User Invalid".  If I'm having this much difficulty just trying it out to see if it will work for us, I'm really worried about what will happen if I end up purchasing it.  Support has been terrible; I'm on the phone for more than an hour and then I finally end up with the SharePoint online support team's voicemail.  Twice in two days… I'm frustrated, and would love some help.

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