I am a Partner, How do my Sales reps Quote Office 365?


Woody Walton 2010

By Woody Walton

Office 365 has been out for just a couple of days and the traction thus far is amazing!  One thing we have realized is that some partners are having a hard time figuring out how to quote Office 365 as it is different than BPOS.  If you have not done so, please read J.J. Antequino’s post on I know how to send my customers a BPOS trial invitation, but how do I do it for Office 365?  J.J. does a fine job of exploring the basics.   I do want supply some supplemental resources AND demonstrate how to let your sales representatives also quote Office 365.  …You may have had them say to you “I do not have the quoting option, can you do it?”   Make is easy on yourself and delegate them admin rights to quote.  It is not clear, but here is how you do it.

Under User Management in your IUR subscription you will need to “assign administrative access to companies you support.”   A screen shot is below.   Either of the Administrative roles that are available will allow for the quoting capability.


If you need more assistance getting to this point please reference J.J.’s post (above) and you may also want to download the Office 365 OnBoarding Experience for Cloud Essentials and Cloud Accelerate Partners.  This document was released after J.J.’s post and goes into significant detail.


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