I know how to send my customers a BPOS trial invitation, but how do I do it for Office 365?


J.J. Antequino


First of all, your MPN ID must be authorized to sell Microsoft Online Services.  If you have signed the Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement and taken the assessment, you should be good there.

You must also have enrolled your MPN account in the Microsoft Cloud Essentials program located at www.microsoftcloudpartner.com

This site is where you will be able to take advantage of your 250 Free Office 365 Internal Use Rights (IUR).

It also turns on the partner features for your Office 365 account.

Once the features have been turned on, follow the screen shots below to start sending out invitations!



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Comments (3)

  1. Ed Veth SBS Group says:

    maybe it’s me seems to be very difficult to place an order! received instructions from TD the links  they send me are not helping

  2. Ed Veth SBS Group says:

    can u get me a step by step walk  through

  3. eveth@sbsgroupusa.com says:

    if u can send me the links to get my deal done Thanks  

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