Still on the Fence for WPC? 40 Days left!

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Rob Waggoner

If you still haven’t registered, you can register at  Why register?  While we offer again this year so that you can view the sessions from the comfort of your own desk, there’s nothing like being there.  This year we will be on Los Angeles, CA.  Some activities like the Expo could never be fully represented “virtually”.  WPC Connect, Connect gives you a way to schedule meetings with other partners, or with some of the Microsoft people (like me!),so that you can sit down and work out a business plan for the coming year.  I used Connect last year to meet with a number of partners face to face.  While Live Meeting and conference calls are valuable, sometimes just sitting down at the same table really makes a difference! 

Then there are the sessions!  That’s why we’re here, right?  Yes, they will be available via, but you won’t be able to ask the person next to you for their opinion.  Nor will you be able to walk up to the presenter after the session and ask additional questions about your situation, or participate in an ad-hoc discussion with the presenter and the other attendees.  You’d be amazed at the synergy that can be achieved when a few people start talking about the possibilities.

Then there are the evening events!  There’s going to be a party Tuesday July 12 at 7:30 PM at the Nokia Plaza.  I attended the party last year in Washington, DC and it was a lot of fun.  It was nice to spend a little social time with the people attending WPC, and you’ll never know who you run into! 

On June 9th, we are hosting a webcast, Make the Most of your APC 2011 Attendance.  If you haven’t been to WPC before, this is a good way to assemble a plan.  If you have been to WPC before, you’ll know that this is an essential part of making sure your plan doesn’t miss some of the high points!

So if you haven’t registered for WPC yet, please take a few minutes to get your name on the books!

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