Exchange Online Purchase and Restrictions

Q: (from Greg)

1. is Exchange Online available as a standard-alone service using the Exchange 2010 standard?
(just as Office 365 Beta uses the Office 2010 editions)

2. is there an SMTP relay or outgoing message limit with Exchange Online?
(I have a client that send 1K individual and valid messages daily)


A: (with help from Todd Sweetser)

1. Yes, you can get just the basic functionality of Exchange Online with Plan 1 (vs. Plan 2 which includes archiving and voicemail) Here is a slide that shows the breakdown of what’s in the Office 365 E3 Plan:


2. Yes, there are limits – but rather than having me summarize them, here is a link:

Now that Office 365 is out, we’ve published a whole new library of Office 365 documents:

Amongst them is an Exchange Online usage rights document: Microsoft Exchange Online for Enterprises Service Description.docx and on page 16 there are the Recipient Limits.


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Comments (2)

  1. gss03 says:

    The link to email throttling doesn't work ;-( – I get prompted for a username/ password –

  2. says:

    I am getting prompted as well.

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