Intel/Microsoft “Building Solutions Together” roadshow coming May-June

By Ron Grattopp…..I’m excited to announce a limited engagement roadshow co-sponsored by Microsoft and Intel.  You can read the registration blurb below and then follow the “Register now” link to get more information on when and where we will be.  The big thing that will differentiate this tour from previous Intel-Microsoft roadshow events, is that this one will feature a Pre-Event Evening Reception & Showcase, as well as hands-on labs incorporated into the training on Day 2.  AND, each company will leave each session with an actual system!  Of course, because of that, there is a registration fee and registration is limited to 25 companies per session (2 people per company).  Rather than give all the details here, I’ll invite you go proceed to the registration link below.  There will be no walk-in opportunity, you must register in advance to attend.


Microsoft / Intel ‘Building Solutions Together’ Tour

Powered by Microsoft TS2 and Intel TST

Register now for this exciting multi-city tour designed to educate our system builder and reseller channel partners with our latest desktop and server resources, products and solution recipes that meet the needs of your SMB customers.  Choose from the Networking Reception & Showcase, the Desktop or Server technical training & hands-on labs, or attend all three. The choice is yours, but seating is limited, so register today for an event near you!

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  1. ML49448 says:

    Bad Link in the invite email and this page as well.

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  2. L McCaskill says:

    I went to this roadshow in Dallas 2011 and got the Intel Hyper V server. I am just now unpacking the server and have lost the paperwork. Can anyone tell me the default password for the Hyper V Administrator login to this server please?

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