Yes to Partner of Record (POR) Fees on Office 365 for Education, but you may have to wait a bit…


Woody Walton

I get asked a lot of questions by partners who work with all manner of customers.  The other day I was asked about Office 365 for Education, the successor to our Live@edu services for educational institutions and what was the partner play?  To find out more about Office 365 for education start here.

There has not been too much information expounded on the subject of Office 365 for Education through general partner channels and many larger academic institutions will purchase Office 365 for Education through EES, or Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions.  As this is the replacement for the campus agreement, it will only be available through Large Account Resellers (LARs) and VARs and other cloud services partners cannot collect POR fees on these sales generally.

What is not known by most is that Office 365 for Education will be available through the Microsoft Online Customer Portal (MOCP), and as such partners (as long as they have signed the MOSPA agreement) will be able to collect POR fees (12/6%) for selling Office 365 for Education.

Many of the explicit details are yet to be determined from a timeline perspective, but please be aware that when Office 365 reaches general availability, Office 365 for education will NOT be immediately available through MOCP.  It will be available through the aforementioned EES at general availability.  At some point afterwards, Office 365 for Education will show up in MOCP for purchase by customers.

As I get more details I will add posts to this blog, but understand that the leviathan of Microsoft takes time to disseminate information internally as well as externally, so please be patient.

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