Exchange Hosted Archive (EHA) to Exchange Online Archive (EOA)


Woody Walton

I wanted to provide a heads up to those of you actively selling our Exchange Online offering in conjunction with the Exchange Hosted Archiving Solution.

Many of your customers require an archiving solution for their hosted or on premise Exchange implementation.  For those of you out there already selling BPOS you know EHA is supported along with other third party archiving through enabling journaling on the Exchange Online implementation.

Insert Problem: Exchange Hosted Archiving drops off the Price list tomorrow while the new solution, Exchange Online Archive, does not come online until the release of Office 365 in the near future.  This creates a gap where Microsoft doesn’t seem to have a solution to the archiving need for a short period of time.

Hints at a solution:  Please look out tomorrow for details on how partner solutions that  can help to bridge the gap.  I will make an update to this blog with links to any guidance I find in the next few days.  I would also recommend you contact your distributor and ask for their guidance as they will have the most update information.

A good primer on Exchange Online Archiving

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  1. dh1300 says:

    are there more details on this?  thanks!

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