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J.J. Antequino


Many of our posts have mentioned that Partners can make money migrating their customers to BPOS and Office 365 (in addition to Partner of Record fees)….  Partners may choose to migrate their customers from POP accounts, older Exchange installations, or other mail solutions.

While you are learning the ins and outs of migration, you may find that there are some tools out there that might just make your life easier. 

We have introduced a new offer that allows you make use of one of those tools… for FREE!  All you have to do is follow the steps below.

You can also read more about the offer [HERE]

Planning to take your customers into the Microsoft cloud? Start by experiencing the benefits for yourself!

Subscribe to the Microsoft Cloud Essentials Pack and sign up for the Microsoft Office 365 Beta by June 30 to receive up to 10 complimentary licenses* for BitTitan’s MigrationWiz mailbox migration solution.

  1. Subscribe to Microsoft Cloud Essentials.

  2. Sign up for the Microsoft Office 365 Beta.

  3. Call Microsoft to receive your complimentary MigrationWiz licenses.

Offer Ends: June 30, 2011

Click [HERE] to read the fine details on the offer.

What is MigrationWiz?

“MigrationWiz is a complete cloud-based migration service. No hardware or software to install. Our patent pending self-service solution is the only one of its kind, allowing us to scale to hundreds of thousands of simultaneous migrations at any given second.”

Learn how it works.

REMEMBER…For this offer:

“Migration from mail systems supported by BitTitan MigrationWiz will be supported, however, destination mail systems must be either BPOS or Office 365 to qualify.”

Smile (I bolded and highlighted that quote)

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