The Single Best Presentation Graphic on Considerations for Cloud vs On-Premise Solutions



Woody Walton 2010

Woody Walton

Nothing verbose here.  I came across this slide when I was looking for some all up cloud intro content for a presentation I was giving.  I thought it summed up beautifully the primary considerations for determining whether a cloud or on premises solution was warranted.  It lacks depth in certain areas like security implications, etc., but that is not the point.


Keep it simple!  That is why I like this slide.

Remember, leveraging the cloud can be complicated. It may help to break it down for your customers so they can easily see the possible scenarios.  The cloud represents an era of complexity with some data residing on premises, while some moves to the cloud;  only you can make it real for your customers by integrating all the moving  parts.

This diagram may help you work through the decision with your customers as you explore the options.





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