So what is the value proposition for Windows Intune to an SMB VAR?


Woody Walton 2010

Woody Walton

I have had several conversations of late with partners and Windows Intune has come up a few times.  …I must admit that I have brought it up on some of those occasions, but only because partners have asked me about it and I wanted to get a clearer picture of what you all were thinking.

If you have not heard of Windows Intune, or if you want a refresher please go here:

Windows Intune site on

Windows Intune site on MPN

I have also furnished a few good resources below that answer some specific questions you may have.

You can download the official Partner value proposition from the MPN link above by searching “Windows Intune”

I would like to provide my take on the Windows Intune opportunity now, without the marketing fluff.  I will caveat this by stating that I have worked for Microsoft for almost 13 years and am biased.  I also will tell you that I believe in the cloud and cloud services.  So, what is in it for you?  Well, the first thing that comes to mind is Windows Intune eliminates price barriers to selling Windows 7.  You may be micro focused on the management side of this equation.  It may be that in the end you use other tools like Level Platforms to manage your customer’s systems, but that doesn’t mean Windows Intune doesn’t have value to you or the customer.  rather than having to come up with all or some of the cash for a an Open License answer to Windows 7, they can focus on getting it in their hands and paying as they go.  …NO up front cost.  That way the customer can use some of the saved capital to pay for you to help them deploy/ migrate.

Of course your customer gets the ability to manage all those Windows7 desktops (or Windows XP), which you can do for them!  Forget the analogy that “a plumber wouldn’t ask to borrow the customer’s tools to fix a leak”.  Nonsense!  The beauty here is the customer has he capability themselves outside the context of their relationship with you.  Also, you pass through charges for other management tools you use anyway.  a moot point.

Also, The customer gets the ability to leverage other tools that can help you manage their environment and solve other problems. READ MDOP.  I know there are other ways to get MDOP (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack), but this requires no up front cost.   I have not even begun to discuss the advantages to the Windows 7 Enterprise edition like Bitlocker and others.  Additionally, I speak to partners all the time that say they have problems closing deals due to cash flow and terms issues, here is a way to nip that stuff in the bud, at least partially!

If you have signed up to sell Microsoft Online Services/BPOS, then you are aware of the annuity revenue stream this represents to your business.  Windows Intune is no different.  If you sell BPOS for $10 dollars per user per month and then tack on Windows Intune for the same $10 (price may be slightly different at launch), you have doubled that annuity stream.  so for just 10 PCS/Users you are getting $20 times 10 users for 12 months, which comes out at $2400 of which you receive $432 the first year and $144 each year thereafter just for having sold it.  This is not taking into account any services revenue.  …When Office 365 debuts you can potentially add the flagship offering ($24 a month) which includes Office 2010 as art of the subscription and boost the total proceeds in the first year to as much $756 as for the same 10 seats!

If you are not into the managed services market, Windows Intune offers a GREAT way to start.  If you are old hat, it offers another complimentary management solution and a neat way to sell the Windows Desktop, as a subscription.  Simple and Easy!

So to sum it up…

1.) no price barrier to the Windows 7 Desktop

2.) Double BPOS proceeds by adding Windows Intune (maybe more with Office 365)

3.) Free up capital for your services

$.) Break into managed services


I am sure I missed something important.  I will add to the post as more comes to mind.


As promised here are a few more links on Windows Intune.


windows Intune FAQ

Implementing and Supporting Windows Intune on the PLC

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