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Rob Waggoner


I talked about the Sales Specialist Program here, but I want to go a little deeper in helping you prepare for one of these accreditations.  Let’s talk about the Virtualization accreditation because it’s received a lot of attention lately.  Each accreditation provides training you can take to prepare for the actual test.  You need to register at the site, then you are given access to the Learning Path Planner.  The Planner gives you the layout of the training you’ll need to successfully pass the assessment.  Let me point out that you do not have to take any of the suggested courses.  If you have a good background in Microsoft’s virtualization and management solution, you probably have enough knowledge to pass the assessment, but  take a look at the areas provided in the Learning Path Planner to make sure you are solid in all of the areas the assessment will cover. 


Below is a list of the actual trainings we provide to help you prepare for the virtualization assessment.  Take note that they are all free and so is the assessment.  The assessment is over 50 questions long, so schedule some time take it.  Let me warn you that a few of the questions may seem a bit ambiguous if you haven’t taken the suggested trainings.  Some of the questions assume you’ve taken the training material and understand the overall context of the question as described in the trainings.  I took the assessment before I reviewed the material and got a few questions wrong but I was still able to pass the assessment without a problem.  Again, if you understand our virtualization and management solution, this assessment will just confirm your existing skill set and provide a new set of credentials for you and your sales team.


This assessment covers all areas of the Microsoft virtualization solution so if you haven’t spent much time in a particular area, please review that specific course so you can brush up on those skills. Once you are ready to take the assessment, just click on the Assessment button and get started.  The assessment is straight forward; take your time and you’ll do great! 


Once you’ve completed the assessment you’ll immediately receive your score.  If you passed, you can now print your Certificate of Completion.  As I mentioned in my prior posting, these assessments are very good differentiators between you and your competitors when it comes to sitting down with your potential customers. 

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