Engaging with a Distributor for Selling Microsoft Online Services

by Ron Grattopp…..ronaldg 001                                Cloud Power

This is a follow up to my teammate Woody’s posting on Jan 10th, Are you signed up to sell BPOS?? Have you associated yourself with your Distributor of Choice???? It is easy & worthwhile! – if you haven’t already read his post I encourage you to read it. 

I recently had the opportunity to share, on one of our regional partner monthly webcasts, some more about the Distribution partner (Disti) value proposition.  Like Woody, I highly encourage you to take advantage of our Distribution partners’ expertise and offerings.  Distis can help you capture your share of the MOS reselling opportunity; among other things, here’s a short list of some of the distributor resources and benefits that you can take advantage of:

  • They have (as Woody mentioned) dedicated personnel to assist you with enrollment and activation as an online services reseller (activation means actually helping you get selling BPOS and making $$$) – these resources can include TPAMs, SAMs (Software Account Managers/Licensing specialists), and in some cases Online Services specialists.
  • Distis can provide you with additional training & guidance including education for you on ‘Why Cloud’.
  • They can assist you with baseline pre-sales guidance (including technical questions as Woody pointed out).
  • They can also assist you with licensing and quoting guidance and support.
  • Some distis will even help you with lead generation and marketing funds.

One thing Woody’s post didn’t include is that our Distribution partners are recommended as an enrollment option on MPN.  In fact, if you aren’t already enrolled in MOSPA, rather than use the RSC steps, you should go to the MPN Online Services home page and click on the “Enroll Now” button (see screenshot below).


That will take you to the page below where you see the links for the participating Distribution partners.


Clicking on those links will take you to the individual Disti site.  If you enroll thru the Disti’s site, in most cases you will automatically be “associated” with that Disti and you won’ t have to go thru the affiliation process described in Woody’s post.   Oh, and btw, did I forget to mention that all these resources and benefits of Disti association don’t cost you even a single point off of your MOS fees – in other words they don’t reduce your BPOS revenue by a cent, talk about a deal!

I clicked on all five of the Disti links and, if you don’t already have an existing relationship with one (that you’d like to stick with), I would commend Synnex and TechData for having the easiest paths to begin the MOSPA sign up and Disti affiliation process.  As you can see from the screenshots below, the links for signing up, and other resources, are right on the linked page to make it easy to get started (IngramMicro required a login that I didn’t have and D&H and WestCon Group required additional site navigation so I couldn’t show their pages).  Of course, you will do your own research to find out which disti is the best fit for you and your business, but at least these provide some examples of the disti value-add proposition.


Don’t forget once you’ve become a BPOS reseller, you get 250 FREE seats of BPOS for your internal use!  You can visit www.microsoftcloudpartner.com to claim your seats (Part of the Microsoft Cloud Essentials Pack).   (Note: I should point out here that the internal use BPOS is not for demo purposes, you should sign up for free demo accounts separately, see Woody’s post, Want to demonstrate BPOS to customers?–As a Microsoft Partner you can get a free demo account, EASY!).   And, in the future, CRM Online and Windows Intune and Azure access rights will also be included as part of the Cloud Essentials Pack.

And, did you know 59% of interviewed SMBs agree they would move to the Cloud with the guidance of a trusted partner?  You can download the white paper here: http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/download/features/2011/01-12CloudSurvey.docx.  What an opportunity for you, Microsoft partner, to expand your business!

Well, hopefully, if you haven’t already enrolled in MOSPA reseller program, you can use the info I’ve provided here to not only get started as a MOS/BPOS reseller, but also leverage one of our Distribution partner resources to make that startup process simpler and also make your progress in that new business model more efficient and productive.

Cheers, Ron

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