Are you signed up to sell BPOS?? Have you associated yourself with your Distributor of Choice???? It is easy & worthwhile!

Woody Walton 2010

Woody Walton

In traveling and conducting VAR Summits across the United States in October, November, and December of last year I noticed that of those partner I encountered who were actively selling or signed up to sell BPOS, very few were aligned with a distributor (Ingram Micro, Tech Data, D&H, Synnex, etc.)

I have spent a lot of time working to train our distribution partners to educate them on the BPOS value proposition and on training their presales technical folks.  They have already worked with partners like yourself to overcome sales and deployment hurdles.  If I were you I would add their expertise to your tool bag.

It may be seemingly simple things like “how do I get journaling enabled so I can use a third party solution for archiving?” , or something similar.  A distributor has likely already encountered the obstacle you face.  Also, when they haven’t people like me are looped in to help you.  I much better way to get the support you need.  We actually fund employees at the distributor locations JUST TO HELP YOU WITH BPOS SALES!!!  Take advantage of it.  The Regional Support Centers can accommodate you.


Contact the North American Regional Support Center at 1-800-765-7768, and select option #5 for the Certified/Gold partner line to speak with the appropriate agents.  Partners should also plan to have their Microsoft Partner Network ID ready, and specify to the agent that they are an existing MOSPA partner who would like to associate their status to a U.S. Distributor as their Channel Developer of choice. 

The association will be completed during the course of the call.  Distributor BPOS Dashboards could take up to 24-48 hours to reflect the updated information.  Should the partner not have a current MPN or MOSPA status, agents will recommend the partner reenroll to become current prior to completing the association.




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  1. Luy says:

    "24-48 hours to reflect the updated information"

    Thanks, was wondering why my dashboard doesn't reflect that I signed the agreement and passed the test

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