Downloading and Licensing the Office Preinstallation Kit

Q: (from Norman)

I've been having trouble finding where I need to go to purchase the licenses for Office 2010 Starter. At the Intel show in Philly you mentioned going to which then referred me to, but I didn't find a link in either site to actually purchase. I could download the OPK, which you were nice enough to supply us at the show, but that was all I found. Any help that you can give to get me to the right URL would be appreciated.



This is a two step process: download & license.

To download, you appear to have found the right site, but to double-check, you will sign the OEM Preinstallation Kit download agreement:

which was on a series of pages on the OEM site that had a graphic that looked like:


I know you mentioned that I provided a Microsoft disk with the same content, but you might want to confirm it’s the latest version. The web site has version 3 available for download.


So I believe you are looking to complete the Starter Edition license purchase:

All you need to do is return to the link above for future purchases. BTW, this was the first time that I’ve been through the process myself and didn’t realize that you had to purchase them in blocks of 10 – If you can, make sure you put on Office 2010 Starter Edition with Live Essentials for the best price!

Don’t forget, this is just the Office 2010 Starter Edition, if you want the additional margin gained by selling a full edition of Office (Home & Student, Home & Business, or Professional) you will need to sell your customer the Office Product Key Card (PKC). More details on that process can be found on a blog post from one of my peers, Woody Walton (So you want to buy Microsoft Office 2010; What is this Product Key Card “PKC” thing anyway?)



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