FREE! ACT NOW!. Four Days of Training – Practice Accelerator for Business Productivity Online Suite Standard on December 13th!!!

Woody Walton 2010

Woody Walton


NO MORE EXCUSES!  You want to get into the game?  You want to have a thorough understanding of BPOS and how to plan, deploy, migrate, and administrate the service for your customers?  Spend FOUR days on LiveMeeting at this Practice Builder and you will be on track!

Just check out the sessions details:

Session Outline

Day One

  • Business Productivity Online Suite administration

  • Subscribing to and activating Microsoft Online Services

  • Getting started with the Microsoft Online Administration Center

  • Email migration and Active Directory coexistence

Day Two

  • Microsoft Exchange Online administration and capabilities

  • Managing and using Microsoft SharePoint Online

  • Administering Microsoft Office Communications Online

  • Administering Microsoft Office Live Meeting Standard

Day Three

  • Exchange Online administration

  • Business Productivity Online Suite to Office 365 transition process for current customers

  • SharePoint Online administration

Day Four

  • Business Productivity Online Suite deployment

  • Plan, prepare, and migrate

  • Understanding roles and responsibilities

  • Project planning and key milestones

I cannot tell you how many partners have asked me where they can get this type of training.  A zero to sixty so to speak.  I wish we were offering more of these sessions (there are more in January and beyond, but they are not FREE).

Please, have one person in your company  spare the time for this great opportunity.

Register HERE!

Find out more HERE!

Remember, only the December 13th through 16th Sessions are free.  After that you will be out of pocket (still a great value).


Thanks for listening.




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  1. Robert Ferrell says:

    Link is not working for registration

  2. Eric Ashcraft says:

    Robert is correct, the registration link isn't working!

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