Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Expires Oct. 31

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Rob Waggoner

Procrastinators beware! 

Please don’t wake up after a scary Halloween to find that your Beta version of Office 2010 has expired.  Below is the link talking about the expiration.   I’ve also included a run down of the different versions of Office 2010 and the link to the 60 day evaluation version of Office 2010 (RTM) if your not quite ready to make that purchase.

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The Office 2010 Beta expires on Halloween. Are you ready?


If you have the Office 2010 beta installed, you’ve probably been able to give it a good hard look.  Be sure that you upgrade to the RTM version by Halloween or your Office 2010 experience is going to come to a scary end.  I think it’s a little ironic that the beta actually expires on Halloween, but I guess it’s really just a random date…  Right?

The article I’m referencing above does a very good job at reminding you about the new capabilities in Office 2010 that have just become commonplace by now.  If you’re still not ready to buy Office 2010, you can download a 60 day evaluation copy of the RTM version of Office 2010 here

If you’re ready to buy, but asking yourself which version should I buy? Here are the retail versions available:


And here are the volume licensing versions available:

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If you want to understand more about the different versions, check out my teammates blog (here) he does a great job of breaking down the various Office 2010 offerings. 

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