Check out the Business Model Transformation Series on Microsoft Online Services Opportunity (read BPOS/Office 365)

Woody Walton

Over the last two weeks I have had the opportunity to attend a train the trainer session on the executive summary for this series, attend the web versions of each of the sessions below, and the pleasure of actually presenting a truncated version of the executive summary at several Microsoft Central Region VAR Summits.  This is good stuff people!

I was also fortunate enough to help review some of the content in draft form and provide feedback.  That said I cannot claim any involvement in the actual creation of these presentations; I am only lucky to have been involved at all.


If you follow the order of the presentations below, outside of the executive summary, you will notice the linear progression from filling the pipe, through the sales process, then to service delivery and finally the massaging of your operational practices.

Perhaps the best thing about these training offerings is that you get to “go to school” on partners that have already been successful in making the transition to cloud based services.  You see, these trainings are conducted by IPED channel research (CRN is published by the same parent company) and represent the culmination of well over a year of work interviewing and compiling data around some of the most successful partners making the cloud transition.

If these topics interest you will will not want to miss these sessions:

How do I market effectively to new/and or existing customers in terms of cloud services?

What are the deal economics of  cloud services and ow does it impact my business?

How do I make money selling cloud services?

How do I compensate my sales staff?

What metrics should I measure?

How do I make my services offerings around cloud competitive?


…and that is just a few.  Please a take some time to attend these sessions.  I have been getting great feedback at live events regarding these topics. Each session id between 35 minutes and 1 hour. You may want to deligate sessions ti stakeholders within your organization.   I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  The information is quite salient!


Leading the transformation of your business to capture the Microsoft Online Services (Module 1)

Transforming your marketing and demand generation tactics to capture the Online Services opportunity (Module 2)

Transforming sales tactics to capture the Online Services opportunity (Module 3)

Transforming your service delivery capabilities to optimize for the Online Services opportunity (Module 4)

Operational Considerations in your Online Services Practice (Module 5)

As always,  Thanks for listening.




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