There’s a new DPM 2010 SCOM Management Pack

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Rob Waggoner


This was just released, check it out.  Here’s the URL where you can download this management pack:

This is a brief feature summary, I took this right from the URL above, but I wanted to make sure you saw it. 

Feature Summary
The DPM 2010 Management Pack enables the user to reduce unnecessary alerts appearing on your console by using service level agreement (SLA)-based alerting and duplicate–error suppression.

  • Through SLA-based alerting, alerts appear only if a particular job has failed for a certain period.
  • Through duplicate-error suppression, the management pack suppresses alerts raised as a reaction to a root-cause event. For example, if a DPM protection agent service is unreachable, or a protected computer is not working, and the backup jobs of all data sources are failing, the management pack updates the state of each affected data source without raising a data source-specific alert.
  • If you are using a ticketing system and are using Operations Manager, DPM 2010 Management Pack enables you to use rules instead of the monitors. By default, DPM Management Pack enables monitors. If you want to use rules, you must enable them.
  • The management pack also includes a large number of additional alerts…

If you are currently using System Center Operations Manager and Data Protection Manager, please check out this newest management pack.

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