How to Demo Office 2010 to your Customers (Part 3)


J.J. Antequino


Are we already up to Part 3?  In this video, we complete our demo of PowerPoint 2010 with the Broadcast Slideshow feature.  Then I move onto a demo of Sharepoint Workspace 2010… This is that hidden gem in the Professional Plus SKU that I always rave about….  Sharepoint Workspace gives your customers the ability to collaborate in a more effective manner than they are probably used to.  Not only can you copy/sync a Sharepoint site with Sharepoint Workspace, but you also have the ability to create Groove workspaces which work wonderfully for group collaboration.  Often times emailing files back and forth causes a lot of confusion and wasted bandwidth.  Sharepoint Workspace can resolve this.

In the last third of this demo, we take a look at Outlook 2010.  Notice that the ribbon is now throughout ALL of Outlook 2010 as opposed to what we saw in Outlook 2007.  Outlook is where most information workers spend the bulk of their days, and in this version we are definitely able to save them time.  From conversation view to calendar previews, your customers will be delighted to use Office 2010…. hopefully they don’t spend too much time using the Social connector on company time Winking smile

Part 3: PowerPoint Broadcast Slideshow.  Sharepoint Workspace 2010.  Outlook 2010.

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  1. bvig says:

    Thank you for the information, enjoyed the series.

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