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Dear Partner,

The VAR Summit is an exclusive event for executives and sellers like you, from top SMB-focused VARS. We’ll discuss ways to help grow your Microsoft business. The VAR Summit is a reseller focused session. We have designed this event to meet both the Partner Executives’ and the Partner Sellers’ needs.

For our partner Executives: Grow your business and increase your profit using Microsoft.  This event will arm you with ideas, tips, and tools to sell more Microsoft software and attach more services across all your offerings.  It will be 90 minutes well spent for you and your team. 

Agenda Topics:

  • Microsoft’s view of the SMB Market
  • How do I find new customers? How do I differentiate?
  • Microsoft Rebates & Incentives for new customers and Gross Profit
  • IAMCP, Other resources

Plus, there will be a Sellers workshop immediately following that your sellers and account managers will not want to miss. We encourage you to attend both, but especially to have resources at each session.

For our partner Sellers/Account Managers: Your time investment in this 90 minute workshop session will help you to sell more of all your offerings to existing and new customers.  You will leave with a better understanding of Microsoft software sales and ready to identify new opportunities as well as address tough issues to increase your sales velocity.

Agenda Topics:

  • The Customer Message
  • Licensing
  • Incentives
  • Tools for Sellers
  • Product Walkthrough
  • Build a Deal

Partners have told us that previous VAR Summits were a valuable use of their time and we look forward to seeing you there.  (Note: we will provide breakfast.)

Please register at a city near you while space is still available:

October 2010

November 2010

Nashville, TN: October 19

Austin, TX: November 2

Grand Rapids, MI: October 25

Downers Grove, IL: November 2

Dallas, TX: October 26

Knoxville, TN: November 2

Detroit, MI: October 26

St. Louis, MO: November 2

Bloomington, MN: October 27

Cleveland, OH: November 4

Columbus, OH: October 27

Milwaukee, WI: November 4

Cincinnati, OH: October 28

Overland Park, KS: November 4

Houston, TX: October 28

Wichita, KS: November 5

Indianapolis, IN: October 28

Des Moines, IA: November 9


New Orleans, LA: November 9


Chicago, IL: November 10


Little Rock, AR: November 10


Omaha, NE: November 11



Until next time,


Comments (2)

  1. ltuw says:

    Thank you Rob for putting all these on one page

  2. Sean Thompson says:

    I just realized that we are flying back from Florida from our vacation to Disney World / STS-133 Launch on the 5th and I won't be able to make the Wichita conference.

    I was so happy to see an event back in Wichita and I won't be able to go 🙁

    Blame Matt Groves for all his Disney talk in his blog for us staying an extra day!

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