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Woody Walton

This is not new news per se, but given that there have been several relevant posts on BPOS on the US SMB&D TS2 Team Blog I thought I would dove tail this one in! In fact, one of the reasons you have seen these BPOS posts from J.J. and others recently, is that through my team’s interaction with partners both big and small, we have found that many are unaware of valuable resources and tools that have been available for quite some time.  I think we at Microsoft sometimes take it for granted that you MUST know about this or that because we put that memo out last year!  Well, a friendly reminder never hurts and there is never a want new info to share as well.

This post details getting a demonstration account so that you can effectively sell BPOS.  It does not detail how you get an account set up to run your business.  I will discuss that in another post. Once you have followed the steps below to create a demonstration account, you can jazz it up all you like.  Then, make sure you read these posts by J.J Antequino, Charles Van Heusen and others on BPOS as it relates to increasing margins, ordering/quoting BPOS on behalf of your customers, renewing your Microsoft Online Service Provider Agreement, etc.

In logical order:

1.) Get signed up to Sell BPOS on the Quickstart Online Services Resource Center .



2.) How to renew your Microsoft Online Service Provider Agreement (MOSPA)


4.) What does my customer have to do to sign up for BPOS?

5.) Announcing New Cloud Computing Learning “Snacks”

6.) Take your cloud services practice to new heights with the SMB Cloud Champions Club



1.) Set up a trial account for BPOS on the Microsoft Online Services Portal (MOSP).


2.)  Sign in with a Live ID and following the simple steps.


Pick a subdomain and check its availability (you can change to your preferred domain later):


Wait for an email confirmation that your trial is provisioned:

NOTE that you will need to add msonlineservicesteam@microsoftonline.com to your safe senders list.


Here is a screenshot of the email:


Just click on the Administration Center link and follow the prompts to change the temporary password to your new password.

You are now logged into the Microsoft Online Services Administration Console (MOAC).

From here you will configure and administer your demo account.  There are many resources on tis homepage that will help you through that process and many more can be found on the Quickstart Online Services Resource Center.

This is still a trial subscription and will expire in one month.  The first order of business is to create a service request (see the highlighted area in the screen shot below), and ask that the trial be extended and turned into a demo account.


Fill out the service request in a similar manner to below.  Do not forget to provide your partner ID!  Make certain you pick “Partner Program (for Partners)” on the Service Request Details Screen.

image  image

Click “create” and you are on your way.  Within a day or two at the most you should receive notification that your request has been granted.  You can check the status of your “ demo”subscription at any time from the customer portal at https://mocp.microsoftonline.com/site/default.aspx.

Click Manage Subscriptions:


Then hover over the ‘More” link in the subscription name column and the terms of your trial will be visible.  Notice mine has been extended to April of 2011!



You now can start hammering away at customizing the demo environment by adding users, setting up domains, creating sharepoint sites, etc.  Please use all the resources and links in the administration consoles home page to quickly get up and running.

It is a simple process, but unless you know how to go about it, it seems hard.

You now are ready to demonstrate BPOS to customers!  I will close with some useful URLs for working with BPOS.  when you set up a trial these are contained in the initial email you receive.  Also, once logged into the MOAC, there is a link for Important URLs on the left side of the home page. I have provided that one below too!

Essential links:

Important URLs

URLs for Microsoft Online Services

These tables provide important URLS for Microsoft Online Services. You can add them to your Favorites menu in Windows Internet Explorer to ensure that you have them when you need them.

Global URLs

The following global URLs provide access to the appropriate regional portals regardless of where you are located.

Administration Center

My Company Portal

Customer Portal

Partner Administration Center *

* The Microsoft Online Services Partner Administration Center is for authorized Microsoft Online Services partners to assist Microsoft Online Services customers. The Partner Administration Center is not accessible to most users.

Outlook Web Access URLs

Your Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access (OWA) URL is determined by the storage location of your Microsoft Online Services data. The storage location is generally the one closest to your company headquarters.

Asia Pacific (APAC)

Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)

North America

Mobile Device URLs

Your mobile device URL is determined by the storage location of your Microsoft Online Services data. To connect to Microsoft Exchange Online, your cellular service plan must support Windows Mobile.

Asia Pacific (APAC)

Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)

North America

See also


Connect a Mobile Device to Exchange Online


Regional URLs


About the Administration Center
About My Company Portal
About the Partner Administration Center
About Outlook and Outlook Web Access


Happy Demonstrating!


-Woody Walton

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  1. jim says:

    Woody, thanks for the detailed advice and screen shots for setting up a demo account. It makes our life easier when we get easy to follow help like this. Thanks, jclark at linearnet.com

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