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Microsoft  partners in the Small and Medium Business (SMB) market now have the opportunity to connect with local representatives and technical experts. This series addresses how Microsoft Online Services will help you make money and will describe the new “Cloud Champions Club” and marketing resources available. Networking has always been a highlight for partners so stick around for lunch!

Partner awards will be given for outstanding achievement in the past quarter- fill out the attached form to nominate your company and send it to WRinfo@microsoft.com.  Winners will be announced at the events.




Awards and IAMCP Announcements


Introduction: Microsoft West Region SMB Team


Why Lead with the Cloud?
Microsoft's history with the Cloud
What can you offer your customers?
Activation is the first step.
What Microsoft can offer to support your first transaction.


Microsoft's Virtualization Strategy
New Capabilities in Hyper-V R2 SP1
How to Address Customer Objections to Microsoft Virtualization
How to get Virtualization into an Account


Wrap-up & Prizes



Lunch and Networking

Please register at a city near you while space is still available:

10/19: Irvine, CA

11/10: Bellevue, WA

10/20: San Diego, CA

11/11: Portland, OR

10/21: Los Angeles, CA

11/16: Mountain View, CA

10/26: Phoenix, AZ

11/17: San Francisco, CA

10/27: Denver, CO


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The West Region SMB Team

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