New Competitive Assistance service for MPN Members

Hot off the Press!  

Based on partner feedback, we’re pleased to announce a new service for MPN Members to help overcome sales blockers when in competitive sales situations.  This new service, called Microsoft Competitive Assistance (MCA), will provide expert sales assistance via phone or email to help you close deals faster.  The MCA team will be able to help you with detailed guidance and provide the best resources to help you overcome objections from your customers or prospects.  The service will primarily focus on helping you win against Apple, Cisco, Google, Oracle and VMware by understanding the concerns your customers have, and then providing you with the right sales guidance, case studies, whitepapers, playbooks, and other content that has been successful in similar situations.

In addition, there is a range of content available at to help you win!

Partners can take advantage of the service by contacting the Microsoft Competitive Assistance Partner Team via phone (888) 496-3516 or email

Check back soon for more details.


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