You can now P2V of a Windows XP machine into a Windows 7 machine

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Rob Waggoner

How else could I say that?  I took a look at TechNet Edge this morning and saw this article.  It was so cool that I had to repeat it. 

P2V Migration for Software Assurance Beta with Jeremy Chapman

This is still in beta, but you can download the bits off the connect site.  This tool will take a machine with Windows XP, all the applications and settings, and migrate it to a virtual machine.  Now we’ve been able to do that part for a while, but this tool goes on to automate the upgrade of the workstation in question to Windows 7 and then it places the virtual Windows XP machine (and all its files and settings) on this new Windows 7 machine.  It even places the icons for the applications within Windows XP on the Windows 7 start menu!

For our customers that have those legacy Windows XP applications that they either cannot migrate to Windows 7, or  cannot find the installation disks <grin>.  Here’s a way to help them move to Windows 7 and keep all of their legacy applications and data. 

Take a few minutes to check this out, I think you’ll be glad you did!

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