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I had this great idea to create a number of videos on Windows Intune so that I could show you how to setup and manage your customers computers.  Windows Intune even lets you manage computers from multiple customers from a single pane of glass.  No more logging into one customer, then out of their account so you can log into another customers account.  Windows Intune makes that a lot easier.

I was also going to show you some of the day to day management tasks like checking hardware and software inventory, manage patch levels and approve patches, assist your customers via Remote Assistance sessions, and even set policies for your customers. 

Like I said, I was going to do that, but the Windows Intune team has already done a lot of that.  Instead of re-creating the wheel, let me point you to some very good material on Windows Intune.

To find this information, head to the Windows Intune home page here:

You can navigate to the Experience section and you will see a whole list of videos.  You can scroll through them and read the overview, but I’m going to highlight a few of them that got my attention below…


How to initially manage Windows Intune clients:

Here, they walk through how to review the Hardware and Software inventory of your clients computers without leaving the comfort of your office, or home office, Starbucks, or hotel across the country.

And then my favorite, how do I manage multiple customers from a single management console:

For more Partner related information on Windows Intune, please check out the partner portal at:

The Partner Portal provides additional content for our partners.  The thing I really like about the partner ready content we have is the Windows Intune Training: Cloud Services and Windows 7 for PC Management session.  It’s 45 minutes and walks through the Windows Intune messaging and value. 

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