Partner Education: Where to Start?

Q: (from Bob and Aaron)

I would like to know more about Exchange, Data Protection and System Center tools.  We have very little to no knowledge in these products and would very much appreciate any help you could give us with what on-line courses to take.

I find it somewhat overwhelming when I surf around and look at all of the offerings.  We would like to get started with Exchange first.

Could you please suggest what courses and order should we be looking at.  If there are any books you think we should purchase, please let us know.


I would suggest starting with the Partner Learning Center and specifically the Learning Plans that we publish on these products:

From there, select the 3rd tab: Search for Training Packages

Then hover over one of the search icons and select the topic of interest. I went to Exchange 2010 and found both sales and technical focused learning plans.

Each plan will contain several sessions that you can take. This will provide your team a foundation that you can then find targeted references, training, hands on labs through TechNet, or on premise experience using MAPS.

When it comes to a specific recommendation for books, I’m a poor resource because I haven’t looked for an Exchange book in so long. When I did, I would always go to the book store armed with three or four, tough to answer questions that I already had answers for and I would see how well each candidate book addressed the question and choose the book that was the easiest to use and had answers that matched mine the best.



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