WPC 5-1 Exam Testing



Attend WPC to Receive an Exclusive 5-for-1 Exam Offer

Microsoft’s WPC 5-for-1 Exam Pass let's an individual take up to five exams for the price of one until October 10, 2010. This offer is exclusively available to WPC10 conference attendees and each partner can purchase up to four of these passes, which could mean a potential savings of up to $2,000 USD. This offer starts July 12, 2010 and is available via worldwide Prometric Testing Centers for all IT Pro, Developer and Dynamics exams.


Whether you are looking to maintain your existing competencies, achieve new competencies, or simply improve your organization’s skills, this is one of the best offers you’ll find. Visit the Microsoft Partner Network booth at WPC 2010 or Prometric’s website on or after July 12 to purchase your passes.

See you at WPC 2010 in Washington, D.C.


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