Hosting a SharePoint 2010 Event

Q: (from Marc)

We are at it again this time scheduled to do one on SharePoint 2010!  Are there any good decks that you may be able to recommend?  We would like to focus on the benefits and business value for SharePoint then probably end it with a virtual demo.


When it comes to a SharePoint discussion/presentation, I like to focus on the collaborative abilities of SharePoint to draw people into the solution, but then focus on the depth with business intelligence. The good news is that we’ve really expanded the SharePoint BI capabilities with 2010. I went trolling this morning on our Ready-to-Go web site and found the following campaigns that you can pull content from:

SharePoint 2010: The Business Collaboration Platform. - NEW
Business Intelligence – Updated!

Plus, there appears to be a promotion if you host a SharePoint 2010 event before the end of June:

Get a FREE SharePoint "Launch-in-a-Box" kit or BPOS "Event-in-a-Box" kit!

And you can find lots of talking points at the Office/SharePoint virtual launch event:

Now the bad news… There does not appear to be a “canned” demo of SharePoint 2010 preinstalled in a VPC. I’m sure there will be one, but we are in the awkward time between Microsoft announcing the product and general availability. Usually this is when we create that type of image, it’s just not available yet. So if you want to do a live demo of SharePoint 2010, you will need to create the image yourself using the resources found:



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