Why Move From Windows XP to Windows 7?


Now that Windows 7 has been around could you provide me with good reasons to convince some doubtful clients I have who are still reluctant to switch from XP.


You're in luck! Because Windows 7 has been out for six months and we've been promoting it for almost a year, both Technet (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/default.aspx) and the Partner Learning Center (https://training.partner.microsoft.com) have hundreds of hours of Windows 7 training available - choose the topic...

In regard to your specific query; that is tough to answer because of the generic "reluctant to switch from XP" objection. We normally respond to the generic question with a generic answer:

  • Windows 7 Works the Way You Want,
  • Safeguards Your Work, and
  • Helps You Get More Done.

To go further, you must determine exactly why they are reluctant to switch - given specific barriers, we have specific answers with Windows 7. We designed Windows 7 to address the objections customers and partners had around Windows Vista. The top five objections that I've heard include:

  • Application Compatibility - Windows 7 includes improved application compatibility tools including Windows XP Mode
  • Performance, Stability, and Device Compatibility - the 3rd party device drivers for Windows 7 are based on three years of Windows Vista tuning experience
  • Frustrations Over the New Interface - We've continued to tune the interface with Aero and Pinning to streamline use
  • Not Enough New Value - We've enhanced built-in tools like Search, Management, and Troubleshooting and download tools like Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, and Windows Mail.
  • User Account Control is Too Intrusive - Windows 7 still has UAC because it has delivered a drop in spyware on Windows Vista compared to Windows XP; but UAC is now adjustable and can be controlled with Group Policies



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Comments (1)

  1. David Elswick says:

    Having been around since the original CP/M, then DOS, days..It sure as hell would be nice to finally get to the point where you could just connect a XP machine to a Win 7 and say "move user xx" and its done (accounts, history, file, documents, etc.)

    Probably not in my lifetime, but you would think if these damn things are so smart – that plug& play would finally be just that.

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